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Welcome to the Longwood Organic Farm Shop and Butchers Website.

Longwood Farm produces and supplies a range of organic meats including beef, pork, lamb and poultry, any of which can be purchased online, mail order or through our farm shop.

The farm shop also stocks our large range of organic produce and general household supplies.


Longwood Farm Tuddenham St. Mary,
Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk  IP28 6TB

Tel/Fax: 01638 717120

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Longwood Organic Farm is one of the longest established faces on the Organic marketing front. We have been breeding, rearing and selling Registered Organic Meats since 1990 direct to our customers, schools and restaurants.
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We follow the strict guidelines and code of practice set down by the Organic Food Federation, which enforce their high standards by a programme of 'spot' inspections, plus an annual inspection to ensure absolute compliance over land management and animal husbandry.
Our farm shop in Suffolk is one of the few totally dedicated Organic farm shops in the country. We offer organic beef, lamb, pork and poultry, as well as organic fruit and vegetables, breads and a large selection of organic groceries. Our shop is open two days a week, Friday and Saturday where butchers and staff are on hand offering a friendly and knowledgeable service to suit customer’s individual needs and requirements.
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BEEF All the beef raised here at Longwood Farm lives life to the fullest extent possible. They graze and browse amongst wild flowers and grasses on meadows throughout the year, and in the winter their diet is supplemented with Organically grown silage, hay and cereals. Our beef is well hung and matured for full flavour and has a dark burgundy colour. As a rule of thumb the parts of the animal at the top along the centre to the rump are the tenderest, making them suitable for roasting, grilling and frying. The shoulders and lower leg (the bits which work the hardest) yield cuts that are cheaper and blessed with sack loads of flavour, they require longer and slower cooking.


LAMB Our sheep lamb over a period of two months (March and April). This gives the lambs a good start, avoiding the cold chilly weather, and enabling them to graze on the new spring grasses, where they can frolic and stroll to their hearts content. Depending on the season, and being on very light sandy land sometimes, during late summer we supplement their grazing with Organic oats. Our lambs mature slowly and acquire a depth of flavour worth waiting for, their fat is waxy this plays an important part in keeping the meat moist, and will drip off in the cooking process. Being a youthful meat most pieces of lamb are tender enough to roast, with the exception of scrag.



PORK Our pigs farrow throughout the year. They rootle around outside the whole of their lives, producing tender succulent meat. We tend to favour pigs with an unfashionable coloured skin, i.e. Saddlebacks, Duroc - this not only protects them from sunburn in the summer, it makes them attractive to look at. It does not affect the meat and is not noticeable on the crackling- the pig is the only animal whose skin we eat, so appearance is very important, it should be dry and silky to touch. Slow cooking produces the best results with pork, and it is most important to ensure it is cooked right through. To obtain a crunchy crackling, wipe the skin with several sheets of kitchen paper and then rub in generous amounts of salt, don’t be tempted to baste it as it cooks.



CHICKEN Our poultry have lives that are the envy of the conventional feathered world. They start their lives here as just hatched day olds and live under warm brooders, they have access to the outdoors as soon as they are feathered. Their houses are moveable, and the flaps on the side open to ensure all birds can get outside and there is no “pecking order” for pop holes. Their meat is full and flavoursome and well worth getting your teeth into.

By coupling these sound traditional practices together with care, concern and attention to detail, we believe that Longwood Farm provides you with a first class range of Organic Meats. But please don’t take our word for it – try some today and we are sure that you too will taste the difference.




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