Christmas 2016

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Christmas Brochure 2016

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Organic totally free ranging poultry

With absolute freedom to pastures throughout the whole of their lives. We produce succulent and tasty birds, the perfect choice for your special Christmas meal…


Our Poultry Specials

Bronze Turkey

Chunky bird, large breast and superb flavour weighing between 10 and 20lbs



Traditional Christmas bird, usually weighing between 9 and 14lbs



Our much loved and admired and delicious chicken


Three Bird Roast

Boned turkey, left with whole drumsticks, stuffed with boned chicken and pheasant breast, with layers of sausage meat and stuffing. A delicious and impressive table centre. N.B. limited number available.


Chicken Pillow

Boned, stuffed chicken, barded with bacon, tied for roasting and ease of carving, a delicious alternative to turkey. N.B. limited number available.


Pheasant, Wild Duck and Partridge

Traditional wild game birds for your table



Oak Smoked Bacon, Gammon

A subtle and delicious flavour


Unsmoked (green) Bacon, Gammon

For those who prefer a mild taste


Suffolk Cured Gammon

Cured with beer and molasses, a true Suffolk taste  with a very dark rind. Min weight of all of the above 4lbs if on the bone.


Pork Specialities

Stuffed Loin of Pork

Filled with apricot, walnut and apple. Scored and tied for easy roasting and carving. Min weight 3 1⁄2 – 4 lbs.


Boneless Leg of Pork

A tender pork joint with crisp, crunchy crackling. Enjoy some cold with organic picalilli.



We offer a range of sausages including Suffolk (plain pork), gluten free pork, pork and apple, pork and herb, pork and garlic and lamb and mint. We also offer plain pork and gluten free chipolatas and sausage meat.



As ever we anticipate our top quality beef will be in great demand,  hung properly for a minimum of  three weeks with natural marbling.


Fore Rib on the Bone

An impressive on the bone roasting joint, minimum of 2 ribs, chined for easy carving.


Sirloin on the Bone

A superb joint, renowned for its eating qualities, tenderness and succulence,  to cook on the bone for a full flavour. Min 4 lbs.


Rolled Sirloin

A superb flavoursome joint with no bone for easy carving.



Roasting joint – delicious hot or cold. Try with our organic horseradish sauce.



Lamb Cracker

A seasonal lamb joint formed when a loin of lamb is stuffed  with minced lamb, apricots, raisins and a blend of herbs and
tied in the shape of a Christmas cracker. 1 1/2 to 8 lbs in weight.


Rack of Lamb

Six cutlets, French trimmed, a simple and effective table dish. Complete with paper frills.


Leg of Lamb

A tasty joint, try with our organic redcurrant jelly or mint sauce.