Autumn 2014


nov2012 163It has been an exciting year for us, sales of Organic food nationally are on the rise again, and many new customers are finding us – so what do we do that is so different?


Unlike the supermarkets, our business is small, we do what we do to please customers, and we indicate where we stand – right behind our produce. We aim to provide the best our farm can produce, and we offer variety – by shopping with ourselves we can offer you shin of beef to neck lamb chops, chicken with giblets and pork with amazing crackling. Even if you only order a turkey from us at Christmas, or occasionally treat yourself to a special meal or breakfast, we will do our best for everyone who eats what we are so proud to grow. Our supply chain is extremely short from the farm to the shop. When supply chains become too big they become out of control – small is beautiful!


What a summer we have had with plenty of sunshine and a spot of rain enabling plenty of silage to have been cut, baled and stored – usually we are complaining it is too wet or dry, but it has been happy harvesting and we will have happy livestock throughout the oncoming winter months. Life is good for the cattle and sheep with the sun on their backs, plenty of grass and a good supply of winter feed to look forward to.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt is worth remembering that food is a special thing – it is a gift from the land, human and soil health is inextricably linked via the food we eat and grow. There is a story behind everything we eat, everyday meals such as chicken, eggs or a glass of milk all come with their own cast of characters and consequences. We have a rotational grazing system, we undersow the barley with Lucerne, and the animals follow each other round in rotation, the large animals such as cattle are followed by sheep, pigs and poultry, each feeding and returning manure to the pastures which enriches the soil, it is healthy for the land and helps disease control. We are not dependant on fossil fuel based synthetic fertilisers, or farm a monoculture system which is heavily reliant on chemical pesticides. When land is farmed without proper care for nature, there are far reaching consequences and fields just become vast food factories. Factory farming is not feeding the world, it is important to farm as if tomorrow matters. For all Mans accomplishments we are dependent upon 6” of topsoil and the fact it rains!


Our latest project is a small Organic herd of Jersey cows, who will be producing the long awaited raw organic jersey milk. There have been a minefield of rules and regulations to work our way through, but at last we have built a brand new shiny parlour together with bottling room and storage fridges, which are over and above the recommended health and food regulations. We now await a visit from the Food Standards Agency to issue our licence and production should be under way in the next few weeks.


With the clocks due to be changed back soon and the days becoming frustratingly shortened Christmas becomes nearer, our Christmas brochure is available on line now from our new website or can be emailed or posted to you if you prefer. As always we are here to help, and make your Christmas ordering easy and efficient.


With many thanks for your continuing support and encouragement.


Best wishes