Raw Milk & Cheeses

Jersey Raw Milk

Milk from supermarkets has been pasteurised and often homogenised so the resulting white liquid is not really true milk. It is a modified substance heated to remove pathogens and bacteria to help prolong its shelf life. The low enzyme activity and altered fat content make it difficult to digest, and the vitamins and minerals hard to absorb. The residual drugs and antibiotics can also pose a threat to human health.


Raw milk, on the other hand, is an incredibly complex whole food complete with enzymes and its own anti-viral and anti-bacterial mechanisms making it a valuable¬†superfood. It’s choc full of good fats, water soluble vitamins, a wide range of minerals and trace elements, all 8 essential amino acids, 60 enzymes and omega 6 CLA fatty acids.


Due to overwhelming demand we now have our own herd of organic grass fed Jersey cows who are busy producing delicious, creamy and health promoting raw milk.


Jersey Raw Milk Kefir

From our raw Jersey milk we also produce kefir.


So, what is kefir?

It is a cultured product with amazing health benefits. It has a creamy fresh flavour and contains beneficial probiotic bacteria as well as being loaded with valuable vitamins and minerals. Kefir is a balanced and nourishing product containing easily digestible complete proteins. It promotes a healthier digestive system and establishes a balanced inner eco system for optimum health and longevity. For the lactose intolerant it provides lactase, an enzyme which consumes most of the lactose left after the culturing process.


Organic and Unpasteurised Cheese

Our cheese counter has a wide range of Organic cheeses from Bath, Lancashire, Staffordshire as well as great quality unpasteurised cheeses from cows, sheep and goats.